Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Space Oddity

Two versions of my Kubrick caricature... like the man himself I couldn't make up my mind.

Watched 'Eye's Wide Shut' again recently. And this time round thought it was pretty damn good. Though not a great as 'Paths of Glory', '2001', 'Barry Lyndon' and 'Dr. Strangelove' ... actually , nevermind... all his movies are great.

Don't like 'Clockwork Orange' though.


galvinator said...


Sergio Melero said...

Your blog is simply impressive!

You have a real senior level in ilustration, character design an drawing.

I hope see you in mi blog


Javier B.V said...

Nice work!in special Daniel Craig and "Amy Winehouse".

pablo pablo said...

very good, i like the paul newmann and the john Wayne

david benzal said...

an excellent caricature of the master kubrick,
I love the stroke!
See you.

Maritze said...

Thank you all! I'll pop by your blogs soon. Appreciate the kind words!

jordi said...

Amazing work, excellent.